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Maria Weston Chapman Middle School

Weymouth, MA

The Maria Weston Chapman Middle School welcomed students back in 2022, to the reimagined and newly constructed Middle School, which was built on the existing 16-acre site in Weymouth. The project, made possible through a partnership with the Town, design teams, and the MSBA (Massachusetts School Building Authority), has achieved award winning status and also has been Certified as LEED Gold®. The design features open spaces that are welcoming and accessible, with over 220,000 sq ft of new space and a redesign of the existing gymnasium structure. By keeping this section intact, the project team was able to save valuable time, budget and reduce the amount of embodied carbon released during construction.

Our team was responsible for civil engineering, land surveying, and environmental permitting for the feasibility study through construction phases. This included evaluating existing conditions (including utility mains for the neighborhood through the campus and significant topography ledge present), stormwater management, site utilities, grading, and LEED elements. Challenges included a compact site with extremely close proximity to bordering neighbors.

Maria Weston Chapman Middle School





HMFH Architects, Inc.



Civil Engineering

Land Surveying

Environmental Permitting

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