Jannette Colon

Chief Administrative Officer | jcolon@samiotes.com

Jannette Colon - Director of Administration



Jannette Colón joined Samiotes Consultants, Inc. in March of 2017. She brings 20 years of experience working in the Accounting/HR department of corporations like General Electric, Florida Lift Systems, Inc., Davidoff of Geneva, and Austin Colby, Inc. in Puerto Rico and Florida.

Did You Know:     

Jannette enjoys cooking, only on Sunday mornings, and walks at the park with her Pomeranian, Bella.


Ana G. Méndez, (Turabo University), of Puerto Rico | Master in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources

Interamerican University of Puerto Rico | Associates Degree in Accounting

University of Puerto Rico | San Juan, PR | Bachelor in Business Administration – Major in Management